Elite Credit Experts EducationCredit is definitely a necessity. Whether it’s a car loan, a mortgage, or a credit card, good credit creates the best opportunities. Bad credit doesn’t. In today’s society, there are many economic challenges. It is more important than ever to achieve and maintain a healthy credit score.

Those with bad credit may experience high-interest rates further inflating their cost of living, making even small purchases seem challenging. A bad credit report can cost you thousands of dollars a year in overpaid interest, or will keep you from being approved for credit altogether. Although this is a dreary thought for many, there is hope!

The law affords all Americans many consumer protections, regarding their credit. In these trying economic times, millions of Americans are facing serious challenges with credit card debt. Elite Credit Experts Education takes problematic credit reports very seriously. We thoroughly understand the applicable consumer protection laws, and we help our clients to leverage those legal rights so that their credit reports remain accurate, fair, and valid.

Credit Repair is not what many people believe it is. Effective, enduring credit repair requires taking appropriate action with your creditors rather than simply creating ineffective disputes for credit bureaus. We help our clients frame the tough legal questions that they are entitled to ask, and we invoke several consumer protection statutes in our work to improve their way of living.

From bankruptcies, to charge-offs, to tax liens, we have challenged virtually every credit problem, doing work for our clients that resulted in various items removed from their credit reports. Our credit repair services can be your saving grace as well!
You are a good candidate if:
• Want to do nice things for your family and can’t?
• Sick and tired of living with bad credit?
• Frustrated that your life is more expensive because of high-interest rates and fees due to your bad credit?
• Been turned down for a better job for more income just because you have bad credit?
• Unable to fund your own business because your credit stinks?
• In the market for purchasing a new home, but your credit won’t let you?
• Just need money right now?
• Or you’re looking for a fresh start?

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