Success TalkWhat does success mean to you? Success is whatever you define it to be. It is not only yours to define, but success is also whatever you SAY it is. If you speak positively about your endeavor, then positive results are what you will yield. If you confess that you will never be able to subdue your wildest dreams, then that will be your reality. Join me while I change the dynamic of how you view success through encouraging you with new verbiage to confess daily. I am unconventional in my approach and this time with me will definitely change your life and ensure that your greater days are ahead. Every Wednesday from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM CST I will be addressing various issues on how you can achieve greatness by removing the muzzle from your mouth! Call in and join me! Call in # (712)775-7031 Meeting ID# 181-298




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